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The Lord of the Rings director confirmed that the “discredited list” of the Hollywood sex scandal

Deep Hardest Sex Scandal Hollywood Producer. Harvey Weinstein, recently revealed again to use his power in the movie industry to suppress the actresses. Not only “Lord of the Rings” director Peter. Jackson confirmed that Weinstein maliciously discredited the actress, leading them to “Lord of the Rings” missed, there are actresses voted for the media, accused Weinstein forcing her in well-known movies to join a woman nude sexual intercourse, let her face the only career A mental breakdown, the need to rely on tranquilizers to complete the filming.

“Central News Agency”, Oscar Academy Awards Director Peter. Peter Jackson yesterday (16) accused the scandal-ridden producer Weinstein of claiming that he had maliciously discredited the two actresses decades ago, causing them to miss out on the Lord of the Rings, so far both actors have come forward Alleged Weinstein sexual harassment.

AFP reported that during the initial stages of the movie “Lord of the Rings” series, Peter Jackson worked with Weinstein and his younger brother Bob Weinstein and said that the deportment of the brothers was ” Second-rate mafia bully “.

The New Zealand director said he did not have a direct idea of ​​the allegations of wrongdoing Weinstein, but Weinstein pressured him not to use Ashlee. Ashley Judd and Mirah. Mira Sorvino 2 actresses.

Honeylavernino won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress with Woody Allen movie Mighty Aphrodite.

In addition to having more than 20 years of acting career, Ashlee Judd has actively participated in global humanitarian and political activities in recent years.

Peter Jackson said that both Ashlee Judd and Venus Venus had been competing for a blockbuster “Lord of the Rings” blockbuster until Miranda Films, a unit of Weinstein, stepped in.

“I remember Miramax told us they were struggling to work together and said we should spare no effort to work with them.” Jackson said: “We did not doubt them at the time, but afterwards Come on, it is probably a discrediting action by Miramax. “

” I now suspect that we were inculcating the wrong information about the two talented women at the time that caused us to remove them from the list of actors . “

Both of the actresses also responded to the incident through Twitter and thanked Peter Jackson for telling the truth. There it is, confirmation that Harvey Weinstein derailed my career, something I suspected but was unsure. Thank you Peter Jackson for being honest. I'm just heartsick https: / / Mira Sorvino (@MiraSorvino) December 15, 2017

Cecilia said “I woke up to see the news and let me cry. I have always suspected, but uncertainties – Harvey Weinstein destroyed my career. “

Ashlee Judd also said on Twitter that Peter Jackson and the” Lord of the rings “film Flange Fran Walsh had watched her play for all the movies, costumes, and so on at the time, “and they asked me which one of two characters I liked more, but suddenly I never got in touch.”

“Apple Daily “reported that both actresses thanked Peter Jackson for telling the truth. However, Weinstein's spokesman claimed that the Weinstein brothers did not participate in the “Lord of the Rings” castration and denied that the two actresses were included in “any type of blacklist.”

However, both of these actresses are among the first female artists who publicly accused Weinstein of misconduct. Since the end of last year, there have been over 100 prosecutions appearing. The allegations contain everything from sexual harassment to rape.

When Weinstein agrees to join me in filming, that is, I have to start “No”

More and more actresses make allegations, and most recently, they have relied on the film “Brushing Love” Frida) Mexican actress Shama, nominated for best actress in the Oscars. Salma Hayek.

Photo Credit: Reuters Datshi Image

Hayek voted on the New York Times on the 14th of this month to disclose Harvey. Weinstein had long sought her pleasure from her, made all kinds of obscene sexual invitations, and even continued to be denied angrily in the process of film making everywhere, but also forced her to describe the Mexican painter Carlo's famous movie “sway Brilliant Love “joined the scenes of female nude sexual intercourse, so that she was on the scene of the film collapsed.

Hayek said Weinstein is a passionate, talented movie investor, a loving father and a devil.

Hayek pointed out that at that time she took part in a filming program called “Brilliant Love” to introduce her to Weinstein and work with Weinstein's film company Miramax. Although at that time only the minimum wage of the American Actors' Guild was collected plus 10%, there was no production fee, and some other films must be made with Miramax afterwards, but Hayek said, “I do not care about money. I was really excited to work with this company.I naively thought my dream came true … He gave me this unknown person an opportunity.He agreed! “

Hayek did not The thought is that this has made her the constant denial of Weinstein's beginning.

He would say no at any moment when he knocked on the door, a hotel, a place, and even filming locations where he was not involved, all of a sudden.

Say no to bathing with him. Right to allow him to see me take a shower and say no.

Say no to massage him.

He asked his friend nude to help me massage.

Say no to allowing him to give me oral sex.

Let me take off with another woman and say no.

Hayek said she was stunned every time she refused. She said Weinstein's most hated thing in my life is that others say no to him. When Weinstein was finally convinced that Hayek would not “make the movie the way he intended,” he even had to provide the film script Hayeck studied for years to another actress.

Hayek said she ended up having to turn to a lawyer instead of a case of sexual harassment. Instead, she tried to take the filming project out of Weinstein's company. Weinstein claims, as an actress, Hayek's reputation is not big enough, and she is not a qualified producer. In order to get out of his legal responsibility, he gave Hayek a list of “impossible tasks” that would require her to meet four requirements within the time limit as a condition for continued filming: including unprinted rewriting of the script, which was found for the film 10 million US dollars of funds, go to a top director directed, even the film's 4 supporting roles, we must use big stars.

After filming, Weinstein continued to find Hayek trouble, criticizing her movie dress and acting. Hayek wrote that Weinstein told her that her only value was sexy, but that movie had no sexual appeal. He wants to stop filming that movie because nobody wants to see her play that character.

It was a heavy blow to me because I admitted that I was lost in the fog of Stockholm syndrome and wanted him to think of me as an artist: is it not just a good actress, Stories, people who can tell stories in new ways … But all this seems worthless. The only thing he noticed was that I was not sexy in this movie. He made me wonder if I could be considered an actor, but he never made me believe the film was worth the shot.

Weinstein later put forward a condition to continue shooting, and if Hayek agrees to take a sex play with another woman, he will let me finish the film. And must be nude positive. Heyeck said, “This time, I knew he was playing true .If I did not meet one of his fantasies, he would never let me continue to shoot it.”

And went to the studio, to take that scene “The game that can save that movie,” Hayek said she faces the only mental breakdown in her career: “My body started involuntarily trembling, short of breath, and I cried and cried, unable to stop.” Finally, By taking tranquilizers to complete the filming of the movie.

Wrestling Love later earned Weinstein two Academy Awards. And many years later, Weinstein said to Hayek on an occasion of activity, “You took a brilliant love” and took a good movie. “

Hayek said Weinstein will never understand how important the talk is to her.

“But why are we female artists wanting to tell their own story and have to face a battle? Why do we have to work hard to defend our dignity?” Hayek pointed out that from 2007 By 2016, only 4% of directors are women, and 80% of them get the chance to film a movie.

Hayek argues that unless all men and women achieve true gender equality in this industry, all men and women uphold the same values ​​at all levels, or the performing arts community may still be the paradise for those predators.

“It's time to end the culture of silence” Hollywood set up the Commission for Gender Equality

After a string of dozens of allegations happened in Hollywood, on Friday (15), a top Hollywood crackdown on sexual harassment and promotion of the workplace Equal special committees, including Disney, Warner Bros., Sony and other global leaders, including a number of industry leaders, attended the first meeting.

The BBC reports that Catherine, producer of “Jurassic Park”. A committee of women-sponsored members, including Kathleen Kennedy, will begin operation in 2018. The first task is to develop a comprehensive strategy to deal with the endless stream of sexual harassment in Hollywood and the United States.

Kennedy issued a statement saying that the commission will not only seek “one solution” but will formulate a comprehensive strategy to deal with the issue of complicated and interconnected power. Industry leaders, including film, television, music, electronics, AMPAS, and the American Air Transport Association (ATA), are gathering to find solutions for the next new era.

It remains to be seen how best the new committee will put forward the best practices to curb sexual harassment. Anita as chairman of the committee. Anita Hill said she has been working on the job for 26 years, and this time it will be a chance to make a real difference and a hitherto unknown.

Hill is Professor and Head of Social Policy, Law and Women's Studies at Brandeis University in the United States. In 1991, she publicly accused Clarence of the United States Supreme Court nominee. Clarence Thomas, who molested her at the Ministry of Education and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Hill said that she has been engaged in this work for 26 years and this time it will be an unprecedented opportunity to make real changes.

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