Metal Gear Survive Is Getting a Co-op Rescue Mission in March

By Tanner Dedmon
– February 25, 2018

Konami will add a new co-op mission to Metal Gear Survive in March that’ll task players with rescuing soldiers in distress.

The new mission is currently only being called “Rescue Mission” was revealed in an announcement post from Konami that detailed the start of daily and weekly missions that offer different rewards for completing the challenges. Rescue Mission won’t be added until next month and doesn’t have an exact release date yet, but a description of the mode was provided to share more info on what players should expect.

“Cooperate and coordinate with your squad to go rescue soldiers seeking for help,” the update from Konami read. “Compared to Salvage Missions, those missions will require a whole new level of cooperation and team spirit More information soon!”

Alongside the announcement regarding the upcoming Rescue Mission, Konami also released a schedule for this week’s Daily Missions as well as the Weekly Mission that’ll cycle out every week. The current schedule is found below with some of the missions already passed and a few more days of missions beginning in the coming days with each new day’s mission starting at 17:00 JST.

Daily Missions

  • 2/23 [Wrecked Base] NORMAL Battle Conditions : Hellfire (Flame element damage increases), Fortified (Damage inflicted on enemies decreases)
  • 2/24 [Deserted Mine] NORMAL Battle Conditions : Lucky Devil (Critical hit percentage increases.) / Gunsmoke (Player firearm damage increases)
  • 2/25 [Abandoned Airport] NORMAL Battle Conditions : Heavy Hitter (Damage inflicted by enemies increases.) / Sneak Attack (Damage inflicted by units increases)
  • 2/26 [Forsaken Ruins] NORMAL Battle Conditions : Greatsword (Player two-handed weapon damage increases) / Famished (Hunger progression speed increases)
  • 2/27 [Deserted Mine] NORMAL Battle Conditions : Juggernaut (Player heavy weapon damage increases), Ashes to Ashes (Equipment degrades more easily)

Weekly Mission

  • 2/23 17:00 ~ 2/27 16:59(JST)
  • [Fallen Village] NORMAL Battle Conditions : Marksman Death (Damage inflicted by long-range attacks increases) / Death Blow (Damage inflicted on weak points increases.) / Fortified (Damage inflicted on enemies decreases)

The daily and weekly missions are now live for players to complete, but a disclaimer on the announcement stated that the missions and other features may have their release dates changed if the development schedule is adjusted. The full announcement from Konami with the scheduled events can be seen here.