Shiny Dragonite Now Available During Pokemon GO Community Day

Today, all the Pokemon GO fan are having, for the second time in the history of the game, a Pokemon GO Community Day event.

During the first Pokemon GO Community Day, players could get a shiny version of Pikachu with the Surf special move.

But during the today’s Pokemon GO Community Day the developers put at stake the unique chance for gamers to get a shiny Dratini.

A shiny Dratini can transform into a shiny Dragonaire, which, at its turn, can turn into a shiny Dragonite.

Today, during 2 PM EST and 5 PM EST, there will be the biggest chances for the Pokemon GO fans to grab one shiny Dratini which can eventually turn into a shiny Dragonite.

There are 5-10% chances to find a shiny Dratini among all the regular Dratini catches. But to be sure you’ll eventually have a shiny Dragonite catch as many shiny Dratinis as possible to get 125 candies.

The shiny Dragonite will come with a special move

A shiny Dratini is pink, a Dragonaire is also pink but different shade, while the shiny Dragonite is green.

Shinies characters in Pokemon GO are not possessing very different colors than their regular correspondents but today, during Pokemon GO Community Day, the shiny Dragonite’s is green color is as remarkable as Gyarados’s red color.

Very important for the game’s fans is that the shiny Dragonite evolving from the shiny Dratini comes with the Draco Meteor special move. Pay attention that Draco Meteor special move won’t be obtained otherwise, outside Pokemon GO Community Day.

However, nobody knows if the shiny Dratini will be added to the regular Pokemon GO game’s characters pool after the Pokemon GO Community Day will end.

In conclusion, many Pokemon GO fans consider this Pokemon GO Community Day as the most important event in the game in the last months with its shiny Dragonite prizes.